Screen_shot_2011-06-06_at_8.09.03_PMOver the weekend many of Orange Walks young football stars gathered to launch the always much anticipated annual Mundialito tournament, now renamed the Under-14 competition. Nine teams will be competing this year and the enthusiasm for the competition and for the sport was in full effect as they kicked off a massive parade and marathon. Our sports reporter was on the scene as the youths waited anxiously for things to kick off.

Yari Catzim- Reporting

The smiling faces and bright colours were symbols of the love that these youth and their supporters have for the Mundialito competition which has become a staple of the district.

Teams like Inglatera, Holland, South Africa, Germany, Jamaica and others were obviously ready to get the marathon underway.

Errol Perrera – Coach South Africa

“I think we will have a good competition this year many teams are coming in and we have some good players so I believe we will have a good competition this year because it is going to be short too.”

Josette – Coach Inglatera

“We strong for today, I know we will do something good. This is the second year that England is participating so hope my kids do the best and I wish them luck. I think we will win this, my team will go all the way.”

Russian- Coach Germany

“I wish that the stars they all be the future of Belize. I know all the kids are not physically fit but give me some two weeks and I will have them as fit as possible and I will have this competition in my hands.”


“Venimos con todo a ganar a todos los parientes que nos apoyaron gracias y gracias por darme a mi otra oportunidad yo siempre voy a estar con los jóvenes.”

And when the action kicked off under the pouring rain, nothing could stop the fun and spirit of competition and it was clear that this Mundialito will be another great one for the history books.

At the end of the first day of play, Germany won first place and second place was won by South Africa.

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