Today the Corozal Bay United Female F.C cranked up their preparations for what is classified as the first ever female international football match against Campeche’s football team from Mexico. According to Carlos Acosta, Coordinator for the Corozal Sports Council, this is an initiative between the Corozal Sport Council and its Mexican counterparts.

Screen_Shot_2014-01-09_at_8.28.18_PMCarlos Acosta – C.S.C.

“We have a Campeche sports committee group that will be coming to Corozal to participate in the first ever sports exchange female football, this has been through the Campeche Deportiva Comitiva inviting us to go to Campeche on the 1st and 2nd of February of this year but first they will be visiting Corozal this coming Saturday.  This is one of many exchanges that the Corozal Sports Council will be having with our Mexican counter parts of Campeche being firstly football female and then we will be having other sports like football, softball and volleyball.”

The main objective of these games is to open a window of opportunity for young and talented females.

Carlos Acosta – C.S.C.

“For the first time in the history of Belize, we will be exporting female players to Campeche football League, football league and that is the reason why this team is coming to Corozal to scout out our Belizean talent in the female division, they are interested in three players from Belize to play in their league in Campeche to represent Campeche in the female tournament that they will have in Mexico, the delegation of Campeche will be here on Saturday and they are the ones that will select three player and whereby if there is an agreement between the players and the Campeche selection to take these girls to Campeche in an eight months period and they will be there practising with the team, playing international games, playing in Monterey for example and from there they will then gain experience and probably play with the Campeche team.”

Chairman of the FFB Corozal, Frank Sutherland says the upcoming games are a win, win situation.

Frank Sutherland – Chairman FFB Corozal

“This international match for me is a great thing and a big achievement for Corozal, since in our Belize National Selection we rarely have Corozal female playing football, I can say that we only had two in national selection which were Mrs Villamil and Mrs. Noemi Magana from Corozal but we need more female football from Corozal to play in our national selection because, am not saying the west and the south does not have good female football players, but we have national talented female players here in Corozal so this international game will be something great for us because Mexican football is far different from Belize football, they play with more techniques and we play with more speed and strength and you have to command both things so for me this international game between Campeche will be great for Corozal female football players and for the whole fans in Corozal because I notice for the last past ten years we don’t have fans in Corozal, this international game will start to draft the fans from Corozal to come and see football in Corozal all over again.”

The Mexican team is scheduled to arrive in Corozal sometime tomorrow. The game is scheduled to kick off at 7:00pm at the Ricalde Stadium. Entrance fee is only $2.00. The money will be used to assist players to travel to Campeche.

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