karateThe Shotokan Karate School has been in our news quite a bit lately, and thats because the 51 students in the dojo keep on performing and excelling and its membership keeps growing. Just last week the students received their first belt after weeks of training, and yesterday some of those students participated for the first time ever in the Kazuku Invitational Open Karate Championship held in Benque Viejo Town. Representing the Shotokan Dojo were 24 students and from what we learnt today, they all did an excellent job.

Carmelita Perez- Reporting

It is due to hard work, intense practice sessions and dedication that students of the Shotokan Karate School were able to win 24 medals at the Kazuku Invitational Open Karate Tournament held in Benque Viejo yesterday.

Approximately 90 students from dojos across the country took part in the tournament with 24 students representing the Shotokan Karate School. Today as the students warmed up for practice Sensei Mervin Reyes told us how proud he is of the school and of the achievement of the students.

Mervin Reyes- Sensei

“We have three categories we have the Novice which is the white, yellow and orange belt, then we have Intermediate which is the blue, green and purple and then we have Advance which is brown, 1,2,3 and black. We don’t have Black Belt in the school yet but we have up to green belt so we are right there in the Intermediate so we brought back medals in the Novice and in the Intermediate. We had quite a number of first place actually I have not even finished counting the medals for first place but we got a combination of first, second and third. I think the kids and the parents should be really proud about the Orange Walk Karatecas.”

But there was no one prouder than the students themselves. Showing off their bright shining medals they told us that much more can be expected from them.

Angelo Saldivar- Karate Student

“I feel good because I taught I would not get any medal and I brought back two first place. I worked really hard and practiced a lot.”

Dalton – Karate Student

“I feel good.”

karate2Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“Did you work really hard for it?”

Dalton – Karate Student

“Yes I did I practiced a lot. I don’t remember for how long but it was a lot.”

Josiel Codd – Karate Student

“Me siento feliz porque practique por dos meses y gane.”

Genae Perez - Karate Student

“I feel really excited I practiced a lot and I will keep on practicing.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“What can we expect from you in future tournaments?”

Genae Perez - Karate Student

“I will work harder to bring more first place medals.”

As a result of a job well done the students received a day off from training today.

Training will resume on Wednesday. Anyone interested in joining the Karate school can contact Mervin Reyes at 660-5024.

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