IMG_2008A couple of weeks ago we were all excited when we heard the news that Belize’s National Football  Team the Jaguars was advancing to the third round of the of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. But with that excitement, came disappointment, as the Football Federation of Belize announced that due to a lack of funds there was a high probability that team would not be able to travel to abroad. Of course that announcement tampered the spirits of Belizeans and the team itself. But today the FFB received a donation from GOB that could change things around and send team Jaguars to the third round of the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, or at least get them closer to it. That donation comes in the amount of $125,000. Today we spoke to the executive member of the Football Federation of Belize, Marlon Kuylen, via phone and here is what he told us about the grant which was approved by Cabinet from the Petrocaribe Fund.


Marlon Kuylen – Executive Member FFB

“Contributing one hundred and twenty five dollars was award towards the Jaguars fund and we receive that this afternoon and it will be used for expenses for the 3rd round of play for the world cup qualifiers and we have projected that this round will cost us somewhere in the vicinity of $361,000.00 .”

The grant was definitely something the FFB was looking forward to. However, it is not enough.

Marlon Kuylen – Executive Member FFB

“It is costing us around $15,000.00 per week to have them in camp we also have the U23 selection that will be going to Guatemala so this will be going toward this programs, our marketing team is putting together a strategy as we speak to target the businesses in Belize so that they could come to partners with us as well.”

The grant was presented to the FFB by the Financial Secretary Mr. Joseph Waight. Kuylen remains optimistic that at the end the FFB will be able to raise the monies needed to send the team abroad. Present at the ceremony were a few of the team players, Minister of National Security and National Team Coordinator Hon. John Saldivar, and the General Secretary of the FFB Mr. Michael Blease, who received the grant on behalf of the federation.

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