Technology has become a vital part of our society. Whether you are watching television, making a call or using the internet; we use technology every day, but what effect is it having on us. And more specifically, what effect is it having on our children, could it be making them lazy? We have all probably heard our grandparents and even parents say….."back in my day, things were this way or that way."

Today, things are different. Technology is all around us. Some people say, technology is making us less social; it's stifling education and is in fact making our kids lazy. The answer actually varies depending on who you ask. According to a recent study performed by the International Center for Media & the Public Agenda, ICMPA, across the world including Belize, most children and teens spend 75 percent of their waking lives with their eyes fixed on a screen. But while turning on a machine and clicking buttons is the norm for kids nowadays, sports enthusiast Ben Ramos says, technology has gotten a grip on our kids and is not letting go.

Screen_Shot_2015-07-21_at_7.47.31_PMBEN RAMOS –

“In the good olden days when we didn’t had all of these electronic materials we use to go out there and they use to put us to chop and do some other little things and we use to explore from very, very young we were doing all of these things, nowadays as parents we don’t find time to buy one little ball and to have the kids out in the yard at least throwing the ball to one another spending some time with them we really need to do that and I told you from the beginning that some of these kids they don’t want to or know how to catch a ball as parents we can’t afford to have these kids at home just watching TV it is true that they are taken care in the longer run what is going to happen but right now you go to the primary school in the 70’s and 80’s you had children playing excellent football in Standard three but right now if you go you would barely find one standard three student who really know to do the basic skills so what does this means is that our children are staying indoors take your kids out and let them remove themselves from that TV and the cell phones, this will make them be a healthier kids and lead to less crime.”

The study also found that students who unplugged their electronic devices for one 24-hour period felt extremely lonely and didn’t know how to fill their time. While, there's no concrete answer on the impact technology has had on kids being lazy, the study revealed that over the years as the use of computers and tablets increases, so has children's weight.

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