On the 14th of June the Belize National Football Selection, Team Jaguars, captured an impressive victory over the National Football Selection of Dominican Republic in the second round of the (FIFA) World Cup Qualifiers. This was with an aggregate score of 5-1 after winning both home and away games. The impressive secured the teams place for the third round of the competition. And tonight we can tell you that, that game will be played in Toronto Canada on the 4th of September 2015.

So how is the team preparing for the next big match? According to Marlon Kuylen, Senior Executive of the F.F.B., the Jaguars have been working overtime since they came back from Dominican Republic, thus giving them a good fighting chance for the upcoming game.

Screen_Shot_2015-07-27_at_8.21.47_PMMarlon Kuylen Senior Executive F.F.B.

“Well for the past months we’ve been doing mostly physical work, we were in Placencia for three days on the beach, we were in the mountain pine ridge also for three days and for the rest of this just before the match with Canada we will be doing more technical and tactical work.”



“How about those that work have they being given time off?”

Marlon Kuylen Senior Executive F.F.B.

“Oh yes, they have been given time off from work but a lot of these guys work with government and they give these government offices the clear time off they need.  From what I have seen from the world Cup with Canada I think that Belize with how we are playing right now I think we can give them a good match so and we always believe for a positive outcome but I believe this is a good chance to give Canada.”

The Jaguars have been training 5 days per week under the coaching supervision of Jorge Nunez and assistant coach Charlie Slusher. They will start their 2nd phase training as of the 1st of August; this will include technical, physical, and tactical training sessions. 

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