As we told you at the top of the newscast, today marked the fourth day of the annual Summer Sports Camp here in Orange Walk Town sponsored by the Honourable john Briceno. The sports camp gives participants an opportunity to learn more about football, volleyball and basketball.

Today we caught up with one of the facilitators from the volleyball category, Benedicto Ramos Sr. who stressed on the significance of teaching the children how to acquire the basic skills and techniques that are essential to play that particular sport.

Screen_Shot_2016-07-14_at_8.13.45_PMBenedicto Ramos Sr. – Facilitator

“What we’re are doing is cool volleyball and this is really beginners volleyball, it is not the high level volleyball that the adults play this one we are trying to teach the children the basic rules for example, the three touches one, two and three and over the net and then we don’t put them to do overhand pass or underhand pass they do catch and toss and this is the beginning sets for volleyball and we’ve been doing it for two years at this camp and some of the kids are coming back because they see that it is to develop skills.”

For participants it was easier to take part in the volleyball session this year since the requirements changed a bit.

Benedicto Ramos Sr. – Facilitator

“The very first day we already had 16 kids, last year our intake was small because I think they used to play the normal volleyball so it was difficult for some of them and you wanted children who knew how to play already but now knowing to play volleyball is not a requirement to play a such or to be a part of the volleyball group all you have to do is one, to play, one, to move in the court, one to be a part of the action put it that way.”

Hopefully these same participants will be able to take part in a volleyball competition being organized by the Orange Walk Volleyball Association.

Benedicto Ramos Sr. – Facilitator

“We’re are trying in the Volleyball Association, we are trying to encourage our kids to come out and play and we hope that during the course of the year we would be able to do actually a mini volleyball here in Orange Walk because it is nice to see the kids play and the future of our sport as  a matter of fact the future of all sport is our children and I admire how mundialito does their little children work out and things like that and we have to do it in volleyball also and we have to wait until they go to sixth form or high school for them to learn volley we start from primary and that is what we want.”

Anybody interested in taking part in the volleyball competition can get in contact with Ramos at 665-0914.

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