Screen_Shot_2017-05-18_at_7.52.04_PMAs you saw at the top of the newscast the Minister of Police Elodio Aragon Junior did not have much to say about the rampant display at the Senate Select Committee Hearing yesterday. But while he was taciturn about the issue the same cannot be said when it comes to Mayor of Orange Walk Town Kevin Bernard who did not hold back any punches today when he spoke about the issue via a press release.

At the beginning of the release the Mayor completely denounces what he describes as the quote “thuggish behavior of UDP operatives at the Senate Special Select Committee hearing. The Mayor further states and we quote “What I saw play out in the Senate, captured on multiple cameras, reflected a Party completely out of control, drunk on their own arrogance and secure in the belief that they can act with impunity and break the law without any repercussions.” End of quote

And as you are well aware the images captured yesterday by various media houses shows UDP operative and Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives, Brian “Yellow Man” Audinett threating to throw a member of the media over the railing and shooting another with a pen. He is also seen grabbing a phone away from another journalist who was recording while threatening her….all this in full view of Police Officers who stood by and watched.

Audinett’s actions was also condemn by the Mayor. To this he states and we quote “I can only hope, without much hope, that the Clerk of the National Assembly would take immediate steps to discipline the primary offender, Brian “Yellowman” Audinett, who is paid with our taxpayer dollars as a Sergeant at Arms in the House of Representatives.” End of quote.

The Mayor ends by stating and we quote “It is a shame what we have come to, perhaps more so when such a display does not even elicit a comment, much less any action, from Prime Minister Dean Barrow. By his silence on the despicable actions of his paid operatives, persons who are known to act on his instructions, it is clear that he condones what happened in the Senate on Wednesday.” Close quote.

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