We also caught up with Lead Government Senator and Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse and asked him about the violent actions by Yellowman at last week’s Senate hearing.

Screen_Shot_2017-05-24_at_8.10.24_PMGodwin Hulse, Lead Government Senator/Minister

“I know that question has been asked over and over but my simple answer is the command and the control of the National Assembly that the Standing Orders fall under the prevue of the Speaker  and falls under the prevue of the President when it is the Senate, the Chairman acts on behalf of the President and consequently whatever the Chairman does with respect to that that is a done deal and that is the end of that it is not the prevue of the Courts or not any other Institution and that is why the Standing Orders which people hear so much about or rules to govern the conduct within the precincts of that building. Any disrupting of any proceedings in the National Assembly is unfortunate there rules governing that the Chairman and acting on behalf of the President has the authority and the responsibility to kick people out who would create any of disruption it doesn’t matter where they are and it is not along political lines at all, disruption is disruption that’s all I’ll say on that and on Friday however, there is a process for raising matters as I understand the President say no because the matter was confined to the Senate Inquiry and not to the general proceedings of the Senate on that day and the President decisions stands.”

Hulse confirmed reports that he will also be called to testify before the Senate Committee. He told the media today that he looks forward to the day he gets to give his side of the story.

Godwin Hulse, Lead Government Senator/Minister

“As Minister of Immigration I have been summoned to appear it should be next week and I understand there is a little delay because there is no hearing today so I might be push on a week that’s good, I look forward to going there and clarifying some of the points that are dangling in the public’s mind and setting the records straight with respect to many of the improvements and changes that we’ve made in the department from those unfortunate dates to now so quite forward to that I have full support all the time for public inquiries it was misconstrued and misrepresented and misunderstood when I voted in the Senate initially on two times in respect to the Senate Inquiry because I am a structured person and I am not driven by the emotions of the day and how we feel am a strict structured person and therefore I always maintain that the structures should be complied with and be honoured and be respected so we may or we may not like some of those processes when we don’t like them then we change the law accordingly as long as the law obtain we follow those processes.”

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