Screen_Shot_2017-07-24_at_8.06.49_PMFiesta Rama 2017 is just around the corner. It’s an event that will see two days of activities kicking off on Saturday July 29th at the Orange Walk People’s Stadium. But will the area be ready for the event?

If you have visited the stadium recently you might have noticed that the fence is currently being replaced. The work is being carried out by the National Sports Council and it is the hope of Mayor Kevin Bernard that the entire fence will be up before Saturday.

Mayor Kevin Bernard – Orange Walk Town Council


“Last Friday, the council has gone in there normally as every year, we would go in there and try to address the fencing because normally its needs to be uplifted but the employees were told that the sport council is engaging in repairing the entire fence so we saw when Friday they took the entire fencing we were alarmed and worried because we are hoping that this was nothing to really try to sabotage the Fiesta Rama because at the end of the day we have to be real politics is very much involved in anything we do in this country and is the sad part of reality in Belize but I immediately got with emails and on the phone with representative of the sport council and I was made to understand and I was confirmed over the weekend by via Email by Mr. Jones from Belize City that the fence will be completed by or before Fiesta Rama, it is on Saturday and Sunday but they are confirming to me that they should complete it by Friday they should have that thing up back and running so am hoping that they stick to schedule I understand that the contractor has been tasked to work even in night and early morning also this week so that could be completed and I am happy to report that I just drive there before reaching here and I saw that the chain link fence on the George Price Boulevard is already up and that gives me a bit of ease that to say well the guys are working together and of course I am happy to see that they will be able to work along with us.”


According to Mayor Bernard, while he trusts that the works will be completed in time, he is also prepared to step in and assist if seen necessary.

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