Screen_Shot_2017-07-24_at_8.06.49_PMThirteen Orange Walk men are tonight up in arms and claiming that they have not received full payment for works done throughout last week at the Orange Walk People’s Stadium.

The men are pointing fingers at the Orange Walk Sports Council who they say hired them to reconstruct the fence at the stadium. Today we spoke off camera with one of the workers and he told us that at the end of last week, the contractors responsible for the project informed them that they would only be receiving half of their payment and that the other half would be given to them the following Monday when they reported to work. According to him however, when they reported to work on Monday July 31st, no one was at the job site and they were informed that the project had come to a halt, even though they had been hired to work on the fence for an entire month. Since then the workers reportedly made a daily visit to the People’s Stadium to get information about the project and about the remainder of their payment but were unable to get any answers until today when they were handed a mere portion of what was owed to them. The men were informed that the balance owed to them will be cleared on Monday August 7th.

Now if you think these accusations are bad enough, we were also informed by this worker who preferred to remain un-named in fear of discrimination, that since the start, the project was disorganized and the contractors responsible did not have any material to start construction.  According to him, some of the men hired for the job even had to bring tools from home because none was made available to them.

Now while we have not been able to speak with the Orange Walk Sports Council to get clarification on the matter, we will continue to follow this situation and will have more in tomorrow’s newscast.

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