PMThere is a back and forth trading of fiery words between the Belize National Teachers Union and the Prime Minister than threatens to further corrode the relations between the two.

Yesterday the President of the Belize National Teacher’s Union Elena Smith indicated that she had counter- responded to Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s letter in a manner which he won’t like, and demanded that he gives a comprehensive progress report on the matters that were negotiated last year by this Friday, October 20th. Well, Smith was right, the PM doesn’t seem to like it at all, and the BNTU won’t have to wait long for a reply, as PM Barrow responded with short answers in another letter today.

The Prime Minister opened his letter chastising the BNTU president for being “disrespectful” to him with her initial letter on September 15th. The PM points out that he found Smith’s letter to be [quote] “written in a peremptory, demanding and uncivil fashion” [end quote].

PM Barrow then proceeds to answer Smith’s letter, point by point, but offering very few information on their progress and in a quarrelling tone. Whether this will suffice for Smith and the BNTU is left to be seen.

The Union has also expressed opposition to the appointment of Franz Parke as a judge on the Court of Appeal.

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