Screen_Shot_2017-11-08_at_7.55.25_PMMany countries here in the Caribbean today continue in their effort to return to normalcy after having been severely affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria in August and September of this year.

One such country is the British Virgin Islands who have been without power for several months following these hurricanes.  In an effort to assist with restoration works on the group of Islands, Belize Electricity Limited deployed a second team of five linemen on Monday November 6th to assist the British Virgin Islands (BVI) Electricity Corporation with ongoing power restoration efforts.

According to a release issued today by BEL, the five linemen are joining teams from member utilities of the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation in providing support to BVI Electric Corporation with rebuilding its power distribution system.

The team is expected to be stationed in BVI for four weeks.

According to the release, the first BEL team of five employees who departed the country in September, arrived in Belize on Tuesday, November 7 after being stationed in Virgin Gorda for six weeks.

Upon their return one of the men is quoted as saying “When we arrived on the island, there were no standing utility poles or power lines. We had to salvage and reuse any available material because transporting materials to the island is a big challenge for the utility in BVI, I am proud of our team for doing an excellent job, using our training and experience from Belize.” End quote

To date, approximately 25% of BVI’s power system has been restored since the destruction caused by both phenomenon.

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