Would Belize Bank seek an order to jail the Prime Minister for non-compliance with the CCJ’s order? Seven days ago, following the announcement of the CCJ judges’ ruling, attorney for the Belize Bank Eamon Courtenay made it clear that while that is the last resort, it is an option for his clients.

Screen_Shot_2017-11-29_at_8.04.43_PMEamon Courtenay, Attorney for Belize Bank

“First we will ask the registrar to issue a certificate in the amount that is due on the Award, after that amount is due we will serve it to the Financial Secretary and he will be required to pay it, if he does not pay it then we would commence proceedings in the court for his imprisonment or the imprisonment of the minister of Finance because the CCJ was very clear that the Constitution provides in Section 115 (3) that in circumstance like this there is an obligation on the Minister of finance to go to parliament to get approval to pay the money because the court has ordered that is should be paid and if they refuse to obey the order of the CCJ but then there is no other recourse for us to commence proceedings for their imprisonments.”

This afternoon the Bank issued its own statement in response to the PM‘s press conference. In the brief release the bank states that it does not concur with the views expressed by the Prime Minister on the Bank’s ability to enforce the payment of the arbitration award, granted by the London Court of International Arbitration and ads that quote “Time will tell whose interpretation of matters is the correct one.”

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