Screen_Shot_2018-01-18_at_7.45.58_PMYesterday we reported on the allegations made by the Guatemalan news outlet “Prensa Libre” accusing Belizean officials of physically assaulting one of their journalists inside the adjacency zone.


As we reported, Rigoberto Escobar Lopez, correspondent of Prensa Libre and Guatevision, reported that while covering a story at the adjacency zone on Tuesday, he was attacked by three members of the Belize security force who grabbed him by the neck and roughed him up.


Today the Ministry of Defense issued a release on the matter, denying any involvement by Belizean officials stating quote “The BDF does not currently have a permanent presence at the Western Border or any other formal border entry facility.  The BDF at all times would only attend to matters at these facilities on a needs basis. The BDF therefore was not at the Western Border Facility at the time of the incident.” End quote

The release adds that the security at the border remains solely the responsibility of the Border Management Authority assisted by permanent police outposts.

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