estherFive months ago Guinea Grass Village Councilor Noemi Disus approached 33 women from the village and asked them if they wanted to learn a trade in order to earn some extra cash in their free time. The women agreed and started to take cake decorating classes taught by Esther Pasos. Today these women have completed their course and have accomplished all requirements in the essentials of mixing, baking and cake decorating. Our news team was present today as they proudly celebrated their achievement.

Yari Catzim- Reporting

The initiative started with 33 women and today 22 of them received their certificates of accomplishment for the cake decorating course.

Esther Pasos- instructor

“My aim working with them is to giving more than receiving I try to be here on time encouraging them not to drop out of the program. If they have their stipend or not they should still come because my aim is for them to learn to give them something to help themselves which they did very good.”

Noemi Disus was in charge of putting the group together and also took the course. Today she told us that she was proud of all the women who made it this far.

Noemi Disus- coordinator

“Estoy alegre porque completamos el curso heramos treinta y tres y ahora tenemos veinte y dos. Pensamos que en Mayo va a empezar otro curso y me siento muy alegre.”

Although today the accomplishment is being celebrated, these women told us that it was not an easy task and there were difficult times during the course.

Enriquetta Bol- participant

“Me encanto es mi alegria hacer pastel”

Yari Catzim- Reporter cake1

“Habia ratos que lo encontro dificil oh lo encontor facil”

Enriquetta Bol- participant

“Pues si habia momentos que lo encontre dificil pero como dice miss Esther que nunca digamos que no podemos si no que si podemos. Me siento muy felice porque mi anelo mio siempre habia sido aprender a hacer pastels a decorarlo y veo que me sirvio de mucha expercencia.”

Yari Catzim- Reporter

El curso le hace sentirse confidente que ahora puede hacer pasteles para vender y tambien para su famlia?”

Enriquetta Bol- participant

Pues si siento que si ya puedo hacerlo y me siento alegre porque ahora en su cumpleanos de mis hijos y de mi familia ya les puedo hacer sus pastels.”

Esther Pasos- instructor

“For me it is a great happiness. I have always thought in my mind that all that I have I want to give I don’t want to take anything with me and that’s the reason when I see them so excited I try to walk and extra mile for them.”

The same programme has kicked off in August Pine Ridge and San Pablo. We’ll stop in from time to time to see how they’re doing.

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