melvinKarate is a martial art developed in Japan back in the 19th century. Over the years this martial art has been spreading around the world and more and more persons are becoming interested in the discipline. Here in Belize martial arts has become a very popular discipline among children, teens, and adults.

The Belize Karate Federation has played a very crucial role in the promotion of the discipline. The response has been so positive that last year the federation hosted the first Junior Karate Championship. The championship was a success, and this year the Junior Karate Championship promises to be bigger and better.

The competition will take place at what used to be Mi Amor Lounge on the Belize/Corozal Road.

Melvin Reyes- Karate Federation of Belize Orange Walk Branch

“The national competition will be the second and it is the first time we are having it in Orange Walk Town and we will be having all the districts coming here with their karate teams and they will be participating in the tournament on the 17th of April. The competition will last for the day until 4:00pm with the main event starting at 1:00pm.”

There will be between 100-120 participants. Each district is coming with its own team. For the Orange Walk District there is no lack of talent as the team has been training for months. One of the youngest talents that will be seen at the championship is four year old Mary Zaldivar.

It is talents such as these that can be appreciated from the competition so Reyes invites one and all to come out and support the championship.

Melvin Reyes- Karate Federation of Belize Orange Walk Branch

“She is already training for six months she has already passed two exams and she is now doing very well so she has reached a competition level in her age bracket.”

The event starts with the official ceremonies at nine and the main event at one. Entrance fee is children $2 and adults $3

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