donaldHigh School and Primary School students are presently on Easter vacation, meaning that they have plenty of time to spare. But for a group of about 18 students Easter vacation is not about sitting at home idly - it’s about being able to participate in various workshops including a two day workshop in Animation and Scene Creation of Inanimate Objects.

During the two day class, organized by Lagartija Centro America in conjunction with the Belize Association for the Development of Arts, students will learn how to transform objects into living things through dramatization.

Donald Sandoval- BADA

“Basically it is a new scene as far as theater is concerned its new because most of what theater is it is about actors and puppets but in the realm of objects that can become actors in a theater space that is sort of new and that is what we want to bring in our community. “We took a ball and we put a hole in it and placed it on our finger and then we added two eyes. They are discovering that, that platform just a little ball with two eyes can become a very extensive way to communicate a lot of emotions and lots of scenarios. Basically they are acting through that ball.”

Sandoval, who has participated in a number of workshops organized by Lagartija Centro America, is now incorporating what he learnt in the two day workshop. The aim is to keep students off the streets and to promote the importance of acting.

Donald Sandoval- BADA

“I had the opportunity to go to Costa Rica and we went to do that workshop and now as part of that workshop program we need to give the same program to the young people. Our vision is to create a new generation of performing artist whether it is in acting or singing basically in doing all sorts of things.”

The workshop kicked off today and will culminate tomorrow.

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