fishFor Belizeans blessed with a close proximity to bountiful waters, fish is a staple in most diets, but right about now as Good Friday approaches, the demand is even greater than normal. For Netos Fish Market, this is the time when they have to work overtime to meet the demands of the community. Proprietor Kathleen Urbina told us that their freezers are stocked with river fish, sea fish, crabs and shrimp to satisfy all requests.

Kathleen Urbina- Netos Fish Market

We have all kinds of fish including fish fillet. We have the grind fish which is already prepared for panades and burgers, we have conch, shrimp and crab claws. We have everything right now so you can come on over and we will be here to serve you.

And if youre worried that you might not get to Netos in time to get your fish, then put your mind at ease. After 25 years in the fish market, no shortage of fish is forecast here.

Kathleen Urbina- Netos Fish Market

Being 25 years in the business I would have suffered shortage but them we prepare for it. This week we got two loads of fish daily and we have everybody planning because after so many years we know the demand of the people and they find us because after so many year they know they can rely on us.

This year Netos Fish Market has added a new twist to the business. Apart from providing the fish for your every meal, theyre also providing vegetables.

Kathleen Urbina- Netos Fish Market

A lot of our clients say why dont you add vegetable so I did and if you buy your shrimp and conch for your ceviche I have the onion, tomatoes, cilantro and the chile and limon and if you want the boil up we have all the vegetables here too even for sere. So you dont have to be riding around town wasting gas.

With one day to go before Good Friday, be sure to call 322-2243 to place your orders.

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