onionsThe unusual impasse on importations into Belize from the Santa Elena Border in the north has been resolved since late Friday evening. As we reported, the license to the only broker in the Subteniente Lopez area, Chetumal Mexico was cancelled preventing all shipments from entering Belize. One of these shipments belonged to the Belize Marketing Development Cooperation, BMDC. Contrary to reports, that shipment was salvaged and today we spoke with a representative of the BMDC who clarified the situation. Reporter Dalila Ical has that story!


Dalila Ical – Reporting


Reports on the media have been varied in regards to the Santa Elena Border situation but Administrator at the Belize Marketing Development Cooperation Sylverio Marin says that contrary to reports, the BMDC has not lost any of its onions being imported from Mexico.

One shipment that was stalled had been brought across. That container was stocked with six hundred bags of two varieties, white and red onions.


Sylverio Marin – Administrator, BMDC

“We manage to clear that situation and actually the onions has been sold and distributed throughout the country.”


Dalila ical – Reporter


“Were any spoiled or anything lost?”


Sylverio Marin – Administrator, BMDC


“No, no, we had actually personnel from the corporation who inspected the onions before they came in.”


This shipment is part of the BMDC’s regular importation. And since we had Marin online, we asked him about the Cooperation’s plans to fill the gap left after farmers lost a majority of their local production.


Sylverio Marin  – Administrator, BMDC

“Usually we end our import cycle at mid-January and because of the limited production we had to extend to February and expect to import even during the weeks in March so the actual figures are going to be determined through a consultation with the onions task force.  We have to compliment with the demands of the market so we will be importing some more onions from Mexico and Holland as well.”


The hope is that the gap is filled without incident; however, consumers should expect a slight increase in price.


Sylverio Marin  – Administrator, BMDC

“This is at the normal trend and so there is no need to be any extraordinary price raise, there should nothing more than twenty five cents perhaps, we expect the price for yellow onions to remain the same that is more of a stable price that we are managing.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“So the price increase will be on white onions?”

Sylverio Marin  – Administrator, BMDC

“For white onions only”


Marin says that following this brief impasse he expects everything to proceed as normal and without further incident.


As we have reported before, onion farmers in northern Belize have received onion seeds from government. That is part of assistance being rendered to farmers who have incurred serious loss in crop due to incessant rains. We understand that farmers have planted those seeds and should be harvesting their crop sometime in March.

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