Screen_Shot_2014-02-14_at_7.59.37_PMBovine Tuberculosis has been confirmed in a cattle farm in Belize. That’s the news coming out of BAHA tonight. In a release issued today states that the Belize Agricultural Health Authority has further strengthened its standard disease control measures upon receiving confirmation from the Central Regional Laboratory in Merida that cattle specimens submitted for routine testing have tested positive for Bovine Tuberculosis on bacteriological culture. It is important to note that it is not the first time that Bovine Tuberculosis is being reported in Belize. The last outbreak occurred in 1991.

Through the Belize National Sanitary Cattle Plan Project (BNSCPP), the Belize Agricultural Health Authority has been methodically identifying cattle farms and cattle, testing all cattle for Bovine Tuberculosis and Bovine Brucellosis, and implementing movement controls. The testing of 90,000 cattle has given negative results for these diseases except for one positive case that is being reported.

Cattle producers are asked to assume their responsibility of having their farms registered, their cattle identified and obtaining the movement permits for any movement of cattle out of their farms.

Given the effective application of statutory instrument 51/2012, the coordinated response with the Ministry of Health and other relevant institutions, meetings with the Belize Livestock Producers’ Association and cattle farmers and the ongoing BNSCPP activities of testing and movement controls, the Bovine Tuberculosis outbreak is considered contained and the risk to animals and humans is insignificant.

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