no-photoDuring the rainy season the road into the village of Consejo is one of many vulnerable areas to floods impeding the passage of villagers in and out of the community. The dump site that is located approximately three miles from Corozal which is used primarily by residents of Corozal Town and the Consejo Community only makes matters worse. The incessant rains experienced during last year’s rainy season have not only caused the road to dilapidate, it has also affected the dump site which is filled with garbage, chemicals, and carcasses thus turning into a health hazard for residents.

The good news tonight is that the Consejo Road Disaster Task Force, a non- governmental organization, commissioned by the Consejo Village Council, has extended a helping hand to the Ministry of Works in rehabilitating the road and to build a much needed retaining wall at the dumpsite. This is to avoid the spillage of bio hazard and garbage, that could possible contaminate a half mile segment of the Consejo Road.

When our reporter Victor Castillo spoke with members of the Consejo Road Disaster Task Force, we were made to understand that an 8ft tall natural earth barrier made of concrete would be built costing a little over $5,000.00. CTV3 News understands that majority of the funds were raised through pledges from the Consejo Community.

The project will kick off tomorrow morning with the assistance of members of the Ministry of Works, Corozal Town Council, Consejo Road Task Force team and Area Representative Pablo Marin.

We will have more on this story as the project develops.

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