Screen_Shot_2014-02-20_at_8.41.40_PMGarbage woes will always be an issue for any governing body with the responsibility for sanitation. And while garbage collection for the Orange Walk Town Council has been a constant struggle, another one problem has reared its ugly head. According to the Town Councils sanitation department, in the wee hours of the night, garbage dwellers are stealing the drums that are strategically placed in neighborhoods to collect the trash. This has been an ongoing problem and according to Sanitation Foreman at the Town Council, Antonio Baeza it has got to stop.

ANTONIO BAEZA – Sanitation Foreman, Town Council

“On Monday I personally witness at 4:00am in the morning, two guys on three cycles taking drums, they were taking an old fridge and then Town Board gets the blame for it, and it cause a problem to Town Board or to us because the people have nowhere to dispose of the garbage, they would throw it on the street side and we have a problem with dogs and when we get there, it is all on the street side, is full with garbage and it causes a problem.  Now you have some people that chain their drums in order for them not to take it and right now we have a lot of stray dogs and we don’t know how to solve this problem, I don’t know if Town Board can supply and I doubt that we can supply a drum for the people and these guys are just going around late in the night and soon in the morning.  If you noticed we have an open truck and when the truck is moving the loose garbage is being thrown away because sometimes people do not bag the garbage but if they bag it and put it on the street side the dogs tear open the bags and we have loos garbage all over again, so this is one of the problems I think I want to set the records straight Town Board is not taking any drums from nobody unless the people would request which they seldom do we would take the drum but we would not take it. It is people that are taking the drum to recycle, to sale to what they call fierro Viejo, and then they making a money, I don’t know, and sometimes new drums that people place, it is not Town Board, let’s get the records straight, it is some people out there that are going around picking up metals for scrap and they are taking the drums also and they are doing it late at night.”

Baeza says to date approximately 60 old and new garbage drums have been stolen.

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