Screen_Shot_2014-03-21_at_7.55.46_PMOn Tuesday we told you about a boycott on Bowen and Bowen products that would be held today. This was a movement spearheaded by the National Trade Union Congress of Belize and its affiliates in light of the 13 employees who were terminated under pre-text that these persons employment status became redundant.


The release stated that it was imperative for Bowen and Bowen to take serious consideration for the reinstatement of their jobs. But, it seems as though, the largest bottling company in Belize, who has a staff of over 900 workers, did not budge and it was business as usual today. We made checks at our local branch distributors but they declined any comment. Our observations around town concluded that no one seemed to have paid heed to the boycott as the ever growing supply for Bowen products remain in high demand. 


We spoke to Chairman of the Belize Workers Union here in Orange Walk Town and he informed us that the union was merely joining hands with the NTUCB in this boycott and that after meeting with the unionists in Belize City, he would then be able to provide a comment on Monday.

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