Today is observed as International Day for Midwives. To celebrate the occasion, midwives, along with various stakeholders from across the globe, engage in a number of activities with their respective midwives associations. The women also conduct a virtual campaign advocating for investment in midwives and midwifery, globally resulting in the wellbeing of mothers and new-borns.

In Corozal Town, Gail Johnson and the House of Culture came together for a one day activity to educate the general public of the importance of the role played by mid wives here in Belize.

Screen_Shot_2014-05-05_at_8.37.30_PMGail Johnson - Mid-wife

“Today we have been showing some DVD’s, births, water births, breast feeding, labour support techniques, how to help mother have their babies with knowledge so they don’t fear and also how to have a family and the support people with them having easier births, and I think birth with a midwife means that women can most of the time and at the same time they are people that have had children themselves and historically they were the wife women of the village they knew about herbs and natural remedies to help pregnant mother and to help them have their births and keep them healthy so the importance is to have preventative care making sure the mother eats well, take care of themselves well and looks after to have a normal birth.”

At the Corozal Community Hospital there are four midwives presently, according to Johnson. This year’s Theme is “Midwives changing the world one family at a time".

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