Screen_Shot_2014-05-07_at_6.46.34_PMThe Mexican community of Sabidos Quintana Roo located along the banks of the Rio Hondo is up in arms and is speaking out against the authorities of that municipality since they have released a 13 year old female minor and a 19 year old man allegedly of Belizean Nationality accused of trying to kidnap two 8 year old girls from the community.


Reports coming out of the community indicate that authorities released both individuals due to lack of evidence. Reports are that the two victims were unable to identify the 13 year old and the 19 year old as the persons who tried to deprive them of their freedom and bring them over to Belize.


Community members argue that it is not the first time that authorities arrest and later release alleged criminals in this case believed to belong to a human trafficking ring.


As previously mentioned, on Monday April 28th two girls, age eight, had just come out of classes when they were approached by the 13 year female who reportedly works for the 19year old only identified as Ariel. The 13 year old is said to have lured both girls to the edge of the banks of the Rio Hondo by promising to take them to a beautiful place where they would have everything they desire. The two girls were released after their alleged kidnappers got wind that their parents were out looking for them.

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