Eliel_ReynosoThree young microentrepreneurs from Orange Walk are currently in Montegobay, Jamaica tonight, receiving awards at the Annual CITI-CMFA Caribbean MicroEntrepreneurs Award 2014. The winners include; Eider Romero who was named- Best Young Microentrepreneur for his Icy Treats mobile business….. Eliel Reynoso - 2nd Best Young Microentrepreneur  with his ‘Hawaianas’ shaved ice business and Eved Corado won for Best Technology Microentrepreneur.


The candidates were selected by the board at the La Inmaculada Credit Union and they are expected to return to Belize, tomorrow.


Last year to add to their successes, LICU was recognised for its dedication to informing clients of the terms and details of their financial services and actively educating and training them on how best to utilise the Credit Union's services. We will have more on this story inn tomorrows newscast as we will be at the airport to greet these young microentrepreneurs.


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