Screen_Shot_2015-01-09_at_8.08.10_PMWhether you use your computer at home for education, information, or a break from your busy life, nothing is more frustrating than when it fails to work properly. We all know that fixing or repairing a computer can put a dent in your wallet but thanks to the kindness of Students from Gateway Technical Collage in Wisconsin, USA, residents who were having computer issues had the opportunity to take in their devices to a free IT clinic. Rebbecca Marshner is the Leader of the IT division.

Rebecca  Marshner – IT Group Leader, Gateway

“We are running a clinic for all the people of Orange Walk so we can fix laptops and notebooks and so if the power is on we can clean it up for you, if it has parts we can install them and like the maintenance type thing you know, we have a steady stream we have one or two lined up and they leave their phone number and name and they can leave and we work on them until four o’clock.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“You guys have been engage in activities throughout the week, talk to us about your experience?”

Rebecca  Marshner – IT Group Leader, Gateway

“It has been wonderful, this is my second year actually back, I have two return students and two new students and the village has been great, we have been in Carmelita , and Guinea Grass working with the community that the reception has been wonderful and we look forward to coming back next year.”

Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor

“They like Orange Walk and they have been to Orange Walk and whenever they come they tour the area and it is not only a visit but they come an sit down with our young people and this project is an IT project as councillor of information technology as well we invited them and they come here and they offer that free clinic for anyone to bring in their computers to be serviced, to be put on the virus, to be check and to be repaired, things are costly these days and we believe that we should offer that service, it is not part of our duty but it is a help to our young people in Orange Walk and they are willing to come and we are willing to accept as well their help.”

The students end their working visit today and will have tomorrow for leisure where they will visit the Lamanai Ruin. On Sunday they depart back to the US.

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