Screen_Shot_2015-01-19_at_8.58.30_PMOver the weekend the Corozal District witnessed a fatal traffic accident which claimed the life of 24 year old Eric Nelson Vellos who was laid to rest today. But that was not the only traffic accident the district recorded luckily though, the second was not fatal.

On Saturday evening Officer Commanding of the Corozal Police Department, Andrew Ramirez, and members of the Quick Respond Team were conducting patrols in the rural areas, when they were involved in a traffic mishap.

According to Superintendent Ramirez they were on their way back to Corozal Town when the incident played out.


Supt. Andrew Ramirez – Corozal OC

“Corozal police were conducting mobile patrol, including myself and quick response crew, we basically do village patrol to monitor cane fields and what have you, and whilst reroute from Copper Bank t Pueblo Viejo ferry and we were travelling about 15 to 20 miles per hours because the road is really deteriorated when a vehicle, he came from behind and slam into the F-150 pickup and as a result the rear bumper was slightly damage, one of my officers was sited to the back and complain of pain to the knee and since been given a medical legal report, the individual I was made to understand appeared to magistrate court where he had pleaded guilty to all the offences and he has also agreed to repair the damage.”

The driver of the Dodge Ram was identified as 26 year old Carlitos Lutin, Belizean security from the village of Chunox in the Corozal District. Lutin and his vehicle were escorted to the Corozal Police Station. Currently the Dodge Ram pickup is impounded.

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