Screen_Shot_2015-06-24_at_6.50.51_PMIn the past sailors mistook them for mermaids. Today they are called sea cows and generally travel solo. They have no known natural enemies and with this fact, it could lead them to a life span of over 60 years. They are gentle and their name is the manatee. Unfortunately, these majestic and magnificent creatures have become very much unappreciated, causing human related manatee deaths to rapidly increase. They increase in deaths is primarily due to coastal development; boat propeller kills and habitat destruction. These factors remain the major threats to the survival of these creatures. And so in an effort to protect these gentle creatures, conversationalist Jamal Galves is organizing a Small Boat, Trailer and Truck fundraiser to help save our manatees. Galves, is the Belize Manatee Program Coordinator for Sea to Shore Alliance and works in collaboration with the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI) to protect threatened coastal species and their habitat, in particular the West Indian manatee. And in an effort to be fully resourced, the fundraiser seeks to raise enough funds to purchase a truck and a small boat that will aid the team greatly in our response to the growing numbers of reports.

Monetary donations are being accepted at the GofundMe site or by contacting Jamal Galvez at the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute.

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