Guatemalan President Elect Jimmy Moralez arrived in Belize via the Northern Border after ten on Friday night. Belizeans were not officially informed by Government about Moralez’s visit until after 3:00pm and this was after the news broke on Social Media.

Moralez and his entourage arrived at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize under tight security. There, the media was waiting for him but only managed to get a glimpse of the President elect.

Moralez was in the country to pay a courtesy call on Prime Minister Dean Barrow as part of a visit he is making to all Heads of State and Government of SICA member countries and Mexico.

On Saturday morning, he visited P.M Barrow at his office on Coney Drive. We’ll tell you what was discussed during the reunion in a few, but before that, we report on the protest that was taking place outside the P.M’s office that even led to the arrest of President of COLA Geovannie Brackett.

Brackett, along with other members of COLA, and the Belize Progressive Party, met Moralez with placards in hand as he arrived at the office of the P.M. As was expected, the area was heavily guarded by members of the Gang Suppression Unit. And they took action when Brackett approached the caravan in order to get closer to the vehicle carrying Moralez. The turnout? Well, Brackett was arrested but according to him, he makes no apologies for his actions.

geovannyGeovannie Brackett- President COLA

“It appears though that holding a placard could be very dangerous this is my first time even being held in the aka cell, it wasn’t as bad as I heard other instances but there is quite unfortunate of what happened but this is the price activist has to pay to advocate on an issue and I make no apologies about it luckily I had good friends who came out and had three attorneys who showed up for me Arthur Saldivar, Phillip Palacio and Kareem Musa who is here with me who actually made it possible, I must say though that the police officers were pretty nice they weren’t bad with me in the station except the GSU they were a bit overly aggressive I guess I got a dose of what regular Belizeans got through but nevertheless though I think it could have been a worst situation.”

Approximately ten persons joined the protest on Saturday. But despite the low turnout, Brackett says the message was sent.

Geovannie Brackett- President COLA

“We thought that you know, that whether it was ten thousand or just one person out there somebody had to make an initial statement to say this, is an enemy of the state Jimmy Morales has claimed this nation and he comes in and get protected by our authorities and being treated VIP usually as you would know that when you have two enemy state they would meet on neutral grounds I don’t  invite the leader of your enemy to come into your nation get into your best hotels best treatment and get protected by your best officers, best law enforcement.”

Brackett was released without charge just before noon Saturday although he was warned by a senior officer for his actions.

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