During this festive season the community is sure to be occupied with festive activities and last minute shopping. And while shoppers hit the stores criminals are hitting the streets and neighborhoods waiting for their next prey.

Time has shown that during the Christmas season the country experiences and increase in crime especially when it comes to burglaries and robberies.

In an effort to minimize criminal activity within the Corozal District, the community police unit have boost up police surveillance within Town. With extra patrol comes a number of advices for shop owners who are asked to be cautious when handling money and to ensure that surveillance cameras are on at all times.

Screen_Shot_2015-12-17_at_8.08.57_PMSergeant M. Montejo Corozal Police Formation community police unit.

“At this time as usual we begin with our extra patrol where officers will be out on a larger number doing foot patrol, bicycle patrol and mobile patrol, especially business areas because we know now that we are counting down to Christmas and we have much more shoppers out there now and we would ask the shoppers to not to show large amounts of monies, check your monies in the store it is safer there people are looking around and you don’t know who all are watching you and so be careful and don’t count your money out of the store or in public, and then we would ask the business establishment don’t leave large amount of cash of monies on your cash register, try to get it on time to the banks or store your money away and again if the business have their cameras already install we are asking them to keep it on because some of them may turn it off at the end of the maybe something else happened around the area and they could assist us in solving crime in that area.”

The season is also known as a time when alcohol consumption rises to its peak levels and we all know what that can lead to……accidents. But drinking responsibly and assigning designated drivers should minimize that problem, says Sergeant Montejo.

Sergeant M. Montejo Corozal Police Formation community police unit.

“We would ask the persons going out drinking and partying dancing to get a designated driver and have that person sober minded, a lot of innocent people out there walking driving and for your life to end by someone under the influence of alcohol wouldn’t be nice for your family so remember when you drive you are driving for everyone in society so if you are drinking then don’t drive if you are driving you decide to be the driver for the night then don’t drink you will have  your time find your time to consume your alcohol but not behind the steering wheel.”

Keeping safe during this holiday season is everyone’s responsibility and bearing this in mind, the Corozal Police Department is asking for the community’s participation and cooperation.

Sergeant M. Montejo Corozal Police Formation community police unit.

“Let’s work together with the police if you see anything suspicious don’t wait until a crime is committed call us and let us know, the robbers are out there looking and wanting quick cash so let’s work together with the community along with the police officers and keep out town safe for the season and also people that are leaving their homes let your neighbors know that you will be out keep on the at least one light don’t leave jewelry out on the scene and other items there so protect your home as well and we will keep doing the best to keep Corozal in general at a low crime rate but we need the community as well to work along with us.”

According to the Montejo, the Corozal Police Department will be working overtime to ensure the safety of the community.

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