Screen_Shot_2016-04-04_at_8.37.35_PMLast night we told you about 54 year old Julia Arana who was knocked down on Friday night while crossing the highway near the San Martin Gas Station in Trial Farm Village Orange Walk. The vehicle that knocked her down was being driven by Orange Walk South Area Representative and PUP Deputy Leader, Honorable Jose Abelardo Mai, who according to police reports, tried avoid hitting the victim but was unable to do so.

Tonight we understand that Arana, who was listed in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after the accident, is in a more stable condition. When we spoke to Arana’s youngest son, Nissan, he told us that while his mother is doing seemingly better she is still unable to speak or do much of anything other than open her eyes.

Nissan Arana – Son of Victim

“Up to now we don’t have any further detail of exactly how she really stands, you know they supposed to say the result of the CATSCAN but I have had no personal talk to any of the doctors to know exactly which condition she is in.”

As for the CATSCAN performed on the victim yesterday afternoon to determine the extent of any brain damage, Nissan stated his family is yet to receive the results.

Nissan Arana – Son of Victim

“They hasn’t shown me the results yes so I can’t say she is ok because I haven’t seen it personally so I will just wait for tomorrow to see how she stands.”

According to Orange Walk Police, investigations continue.

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