Screen_Shot_2016-04-27_at_8.16.44_PMThe Belize Social Investment Fund, (SIF) held ground-breaking ceremonies this morning for the construction of the San Pedro/Cristo Rey Health Center in Corozal.

The health centre project is financed by the Government of Belize at an estimated cost of $700,000.00 through a loan from the Caribbean Development Bank under the Ministry of Health Portfolio and is expected to be completed within a period of five to six months says Executive Director of Social Investment Fund William Lamb.

William Lamb - Executive Director of Social Investment Fund.

“This is part of a loan that the government has from the Caribbean Development Bank to implement this health center under the health portfolio, under that loan we had several portfolios and this is just one of the clinics that we are going to do in this district through this loan facility.  We are having one in San Narciso Village, Chunox and Sarteneja, in those areas that are really far away from a Hospital or a Health Clinic and would provide that primary care that is needed in that area, we signed the contract with the contractor it supposed to start later this week or earlier as next week, we had the contract with E&M construction round about seven hundred thousand dollars and it should take about five to six months to be completed.”

The two-storey concrete building will provide quality health care, preventive and curative services; emergency deliveries and epidemiological surveillance for patients.  It will count with a part time doctor, resident rural health nurse, and caretaker. The upper floor of the health center will serve as quarters for doctors and nurses, and medical services will be provided on a daily basis to all residents of San Pedro, Cristo Rey and surrounding villages.

Dr. Angel Campos - Minister of State in the Ministry of Health.

“El Nuevo Centro de Salud de aquí San Pedro/Cristo Rey va hacer de beneficio no solo para esas dos aldeas si no que para todo el área especialmente también incluyendo la aldea de Yo Chen, este edificio se va a construir  y son de dos niveles y vamos a tener un médico y una enfermera residente que va a estar presente en el área va a ver un nivel en el cual la enfermera va a poder quedar allí parque este como un servicio de veinte y cuatro horas para estas comunidades también van a ver emergencias que se van a poder atender, maternidad y ciertas otras cosas incluso hasta para ver el área y estudiar las diferentes enfermedades que han estado sucediendo aquí entonces va ser un centro de salud bastante equipado y bastante beneficioso para todo el área.”

Proper health care continues to be an issue in Belize and this was taken into consideration and discussed before the initial stage of the project.

Honorable Hugo Patt - Area Representative for Corozal North.

“This project arose out from some consultations that we did merely to say that we in Corozal North work on projects that are prioritized by the community, the issue of health was one of the needs from the community and certainly that is one of the aspects that they mentioned that they would want to see dealt with first and sometime after this we had consultation, we had the initial communication with SIF eventually it lead in to the consultations community wise and practically resulted in what we have here today.  Actually this is happening in the village of San Pedro but it caters for the villages of San Pedro, Cristo Rey and Yo Chen, this is an impact to the community and from the stand point of health wise we saw the need to having facilities being made accessible to our people, many at times diseases get out of control incidents always happens and we have accidents around the place and we have loses of live and we have situation that get out of hand merely because of not having the availability of a health post as we do here in San Pedro and certainly this is going to be one of the biggest booths for the sector in these three villages.”

The new Health Centre will be equipped with rooms for consultation, examination, treatment, pharmacy/dispensary, laundry, an asthma bay area, sterilizing room, waiting area for patients, and male and female bathrooms.

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