We told you yesterday of the People’s United Party’s resolutions against the Public Safety Act Sarstoon Regulations instrument of April 29. The Belize National Teachers’ Union (BNTU) is also not in favor. While avoiding a question on whether the Union would be prepared to join the PUP in going to the Sarstoon in defiance of the regulations, BNTU president Luke Palacio wondered why Government appears not to be heeding a national call:

Screen_Shot_2016-05-10_at_8.08.15_PMLuke Palacio – President of Belize Teachers Union

“In terms of the mention of the People’s United Party coincidental that when they were meeting we were meeting, our council was in meeting at the same time so it is just coincidental but again the bottom line remain if the Belizean people are saying to the government of Belize almost overwhelmingly the need to rescind the SI so why are they not prepared to do so and they are the best persons to answer that.”

Likewise, Palacio said that the National Trade Union Congress of Belize has had its discussions about a national demonstration, but he could not say whether or not steps are being taken towards that direction.

Luke Palacio – President of Belize Teachers Union

“I cannot speak for the National Trade Union Congress Of Belize but I do know that yes discussions has been held but to say that they have plans to organize I cannot say so whenever the BNTU raises an issue with them or make them aware of actions that they are proposing to undertake they have indicated that yes they would lend support.”

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