BarrowWe’re not sure if the CUT’s letter was a factor for the Prime Minister’s considerations over the past 24 hours but after an entire week of trading harsh words with the Teacher’s Union, today we can report a slight silver lining in negotiations. Last week’s negotiations ended in a very sour state when the PM announced that he will be negotiating good governance issues with the umbrella organization, the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, and not the BNTU. Well, it appears an additional letter sent by BNTU President Luke Palacio to the PM today was convincing enough for the PM to reconsider that position. We have obtained a letter sent to Palacio by PM Barrow just a few hours ago, in which he indicates that he willing to continue the negotiations with the BNTU, and then proposes a meeting with Palacio on Thursday at 2pm. We’re not sure if that meeting will come about then, because Union sources have indicated that the BNTU had already scheduled a Council of Management meeting that same time to review the situation.

We expect that in tomorrow’s newscast we will be able to inform you of Palacio’s response to the PM.

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