While it will be decided tomorrow if the teachers who participated in the 11 day strike back in October, will be paid at the end of November, residents of Orange Walk are still currently raising funds to assist BNTU Orange Walk with expenses incurred during their strike action. As previously reported, there are two raffles currently being organized to raise funds for the teachers here in Orange Walk, the first which is being organized by the Restaurateurs of town, will be raffled on Monday.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-17_at_7.57.32_PMOtilio Munoz- President BNTU Orange Walk Branch

“I’m very excited and overwhelmed with the support that the Orange Walk Business community is giving especially the four restaurants that came together; we have Nahil Mayab, Cosina Sabor, Maracas and Tanz Pizza, these are the four restaurants that got together and they decided that they will be helping the teachers who are on strike from the Belize National Teachers Union branch as to any way possible financially and they have already embarked in a raffle and that raffle should have been for last week to be drawn last week but due to circumstances that teachers are asking that they should be given more time and so next week Monday Despierta Belice will be having on the last segment will be having somebody representing those restaurants and myself as the President and they want to do the raffle live in the show and they will donating officially the amount so everybody will know exactly what amount these four restaurants have gathered.”

According to President of BNTU Orange Walk, Otilio Munoz, the second raffle which is being organized by the Northern Territorial Volunteers, has also been receiving great response from the Orange Walk community.

Otilio Munoz- President BNTU Orange Walk Branch

“I want to also want to thank the Northern Territorial Volunteers and they are bigger now because they are now going with good prices and they have booklets for sale is $25.00 but their main aim is to make ten thousand dollars and I am very happy with what they are doing and they shared their booklet I still have some of them and if any teacher out there have not received any you can contact me or any of the executive members because I think that they got all the prices; the first price I can recall is a bull, and excellent price and the only thing  we had to do is to sell and we share the selling of the booklets with the purpose of making that amount of money or more for when teacher that are on strike.”

The raffle being organized by the Northern Territorial volunteers is expected to be raffled in the first week of December, so it is not too late to purchase your ticket.

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