Screen_Shot_2016-12-13_at_8.04.23_PMTonight the archeological Department of Belize is investigating the case of another Mayan Monument being destroyed here in the north. This time though, the ministry of Works is allegedly the one to blame for bulldozing the Mayan Mount located about 1.5 kilometers away from the Fresh Water Creek forest reserve located on the Honey Camp road here in Orange Walk.

Early this morning CTV3 received the report of the works being carried out our news team took the journey to the area. And here is what we discovered. As you can see almost half of this unnamed historic artefact is gone. Among the stones that were scattered around the immediate area monochrome pottery shards, typical of the pre-classical period, could have been seen, most reduced to rubble. According to reports given to our news team the material being extracted from the mount is allegedly being used by the Ministry of Works as road fill aggregate in the road rehabilitation of the Cocoa road which is a feeder road for sugar cane farmers in the area.

We tried to contact the Ministry of Works today, to get a comment on the works being carried out but were unable to do so. We will have more on this story as more information becomes available to us.

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