Screen_Shot_2017-03-21_at_6.23.59_PMYou might remember aggrieved Corozal resident, Victor Cituk. The 36 year old resident of Corozal Town has been on our newscast twice, accusing the Police Department of unfair treatment. Cituk was severely injured when he was knocked down by the driver of an SUV on January 1st. He reported the matter to the authorities, but at least two months passed and no charges had been laid on the driver of the vehicle. Cituk claimed the Police were covering up and so he took his plight to higher authorities including the Police’s internal affairs and the Ombudsman’s office.


It seems the efforts have led to some action as last Friday, March 17th, the Police charged the accused, 27 year old Tyrell Rosales, with aggravated assault. And not surprising to Cituk, the Police also charged him for allegedly using threatening words against Rosales in relation to the January 1st incident. Cituk told us he wasn’t surprised by this because in an encounter with the accused’s father at the Police Department, Cituk was told that if he proceeded with the charges, he would also be charged by the Police.

Both men were released on bail and will be returning to court in April.

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