Screen_Shot_2017-05-11_at_8.02.43_PMCTV-3 news has confirmed with Police sources that Canadian National, 54 year old John Deshaies was transferred from the Corozal Police Station to the Hattieville Correctional Facility on Wednesday morning, following the authorities’ investigation into his role, if any, in the disappearance and murders of 53 year old Canadian national Francesca Matus and her boyfriend, U.S. national and marine, 36 year old Drew Devoursney.

Deshaies had been remanded to prison, not in relation to the murders, but on his arraignment at the Independence Magistrate’s Court on a theft charge for a separate matter involving Casino machines in Placencia. Whether Deshaies continues a person of interest in the murder case in Corozal remains unclear. It appears that authorities are awaiting the results of forensic analysis carried out by them and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation officials who did their own investigation in Corozal.

Deshaies, as we have reported, was real estate businesswoman Francesca Matus’ tenant. He rented the 1st floor of Matus’ two-storey residence in the Serenity Sands area of Consejo Road.

Deshaies was detained on Tuesday May 2nd, the day after the bodies were found, and held as a person of interest.

Friends have told CTV-3 News that Matus and Deshaies had an excellent relationship but there are unconfirmed reports that they had a recent dispute over the sale of property.

Reports from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, which is based in Devoursney’s hometown, indicates that Deshaies also had confrontations with other neighbors.

In a report by the news agency, neighbour Don Richardson, said that in March he had gotten into a physical altercation with Deshaies at Scotty’s Bar and Grill, which is the last place Matus and Devoursney had been seen socialising on the night they are believed to have disappeared.

Richardson claimed that Deshaies pressed charges against him. He also claimed that Deshaies almost ran him and another neighbour over with his Dodge Ram pickup last month. Richardson told the Atlanta Journal that he was standing on the road side near the other neighbor’s home when the truck came barrelling down at them.

Deshaies girlfiend, identified as Jasmine Lizarraga, responded to the accusations and told the Atlanta Journal that Deshaies had no intention of harming any of his neighbors.

We will continue to follow the case closely and report on updates.

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