GodwinThere is tonight great controversy over the decision taken by majority members of the National Assembly Staff Committee during a meeting held on Friday to reprimand, rather than suspend or remove, House of Representatives Sergeant-At-Arms Brian “Yellow Man” Audinett for his attacks on media personnel inside the National Assembly during the public hearing of the Senate Special Select Committee on May seventeenth.

Following the incident the press had requested that Audinett be banned from future meetings of the Senate Special Select Committee, but nothing of the sort happened and instead Audinett was warned both verbally and in writing that his actions would not be tolerated and was made to apologize to KREM Radio/Television News Editor, Marisol Amaya and Plus TV cameraman Cirilo Choco under the eye of National Assembly Clerk Eddie Webster. He will also be expected to apologize to Channel Seven News cameraman Dennis Ellis.

Reports are that both Speaker of the House Laura Longsworth, who chairs the Committee, and opposition representative Florencio Marin Junior felt Audinett’s actions warranted dismissal, but the majority, including Senate President Lee Mark Chang; former Speaker and Senator Michael Peyrefitte; Government parliamentarians and Ministers Patrick Faber and John Saldivar and staff member of the National Assembly Eudice Gibson overruled them.

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