A Police Constable attached to Precinct 2 in Belize City has been detained after authorities searched a vehicle he was driving and found an illegal weapon and ammo inside.

Authorities say that PC Franklin Ramirez was accompanied by Trevor Dean Brown and Elorey Graham, when they searched their vehicle at mile 56 on the George Price Highway in Ontario Village. The men were going in the direction of Belmopan when they were stopped. Authorities discovered a 9mm gun, which is suspected of originating in Guatemala. All three occupants were detained. Commander of Operations for Belmopan Police Edward Broaster explained further.


Screen_Shot_2017-08-08_at_7.46.12_PMACP Norman Broaster - Commander of Operations in Belmopan

“At about 9:50pm, the mobile interdiction team intercepted the white ford explorer which was driven by a Police constable and three other occupants where a search was conducted on that vehicle and was subsequently escorted to the police academy where a secondary search was conducted where members of the mobile interdiction team discovered a 9mm pistol which was concealed under the glove compartment, the four occupants have since been detained and will be facing charged today, the police officer will additionally face a disciplinary charges for the firearm in questioned, this occurred around mile 56 in the village of Ontario whilst the vehicle was heading towards Belmopan from San Ignacio. We are investigating this matter very seriously and cannot comment any further on what might be the motive of this smuggling of firearm.”


“Is it a concern that a police officer was at the wheel of a vehicle where such a weapon was found?”

ACP Norman Broaster - Commander of Operations in Belmopan

“I don’t have that information at this time nevertheless yes it is a concern for us when any officer is involved in any act of perceived or alleged illegalities."

Police suspect the weapon was smuggled from Guatemala. Of recent there are have been a number cases of illegal weapons cases in western Belize. There was a report of a 12-gauge shotgun found on a bus travelling from the west and also a report of two Belize City females 25 year old Shanice Monique Flowers and 18 year old Robin Tameka Whitaker who were caught near Centennial Park in Benque Viejo del Carmen with ninety-nine .45mm live rounds. Police officials were not willing to comment on the possibility of there being an organised ring of weapons and arms smuggling.

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