We also asked Marin to comment on strong but unconfirmed reports that the Corozal Town Mayor was being considered to take up the post of Chief Executive Officer at the Commercial Free Zone at the Santa Elena Border. While Marin did not confirm or deny, he couldn’t help but indicate his support for the idea.


Screen_Shot_2017-08-15_at_8.21.44_PMHon. Pablo Marin - Corozal Bay Area Representative


“If the Mayor do receive that post at the Free Zone he has served Corozal town for a good while and think that is more than enough to say that he is good for that post and I will always be supportive for someone that have shown for the people of Corozal the amount of work that he has put.”


Of course, the Mayor still has over half a year left to serve in office so the timing for any kind of move would have to be strongly considered. That doesn’t stop him from calling it quits early, since it wouldn’t necessarily mean that a bi-election would be held. But just in case that is the plan, Mayor Hilberto Campos does have one more issue to consider. That is that the private sector members of the Board have become very wary about politically-appointed CEOs, and off the record a number have told CTV-3 News that there is [quote] “no way” that Campos could get the post. We will keep a close eye and of course keep our viewers updated.

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