GAPIAt the center of the biggest land controversy the country has probably ever seen is father and son Gaspar Vega and Andre Vega. The son, we have learnt, wrote to the Ministry of Natural Resources today through his attorney Estevan Perera, claiming that the land transaction was done through an unnamed land agent who prepared all the documents, got signatures and simply delivered to him for his signatures. Now, we’ve heard of notorious visa and immigration agents, but land agents is a first. Vega, in his letter, indicates that considering the evidence that has come to light, he is prepared to relinquish his rights to land which he was eventually given by the Government in exchange for the Caye Caulker lands.


While Andre Vega has given an explanation, it is expected that the Police’s investigation will look into the veracity of his statement as today the department assured the public that it is commencing a thorough investigation into the matter after which the file will be submitted to the office of the DPP for directives. Of course when it comes to this case there remains many questions. Like who is the land agent? And why is the JP signature of Darlene Padron on the documents, confirming that she witnesses Forte’s signature on the documents?

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