21765629_1118950451572947_5832236016231531987_oSo just how serious is the outbreak of infectious conjunctivitis in our country at this time? The Ministry of Health is currently engaged in a nationwide campaign monitoring the situation. Head of the Epidemiology Unit in the Ministry of Health, Dr Ethan Gough today highlighted the results of their investigation so far.


Dr. Ethan Gough- Head of Epidemiology Unit

“Last week we were made aware of a report from Chetumal that they have been seeing an increase on a number of cases of conjunctivitis as well I think it was a media report also reported about two thousand three hundred cases in Chetumal so overall for last week we had a total of eight hundred and seventy cases reported country wide and the majority of them are in Corozal 379 cases are reported from Corozal last week and so that supports the idea that perhaps a lot of the cases are seeing coming from the proximity to Chetumal, the other districts that are affected; Orange Walk, Belize, Cayo are reporting around 160 cases of so Corozal is the highest number of cases reported so far.”

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