There is no question that our country is experiencing serious economic challenges. At the macro level, last year the Government had to force the renegotiation of the terms to pay its external debt. At the micro level, just take one look at the weekly local newspapers and note the number of homes being auctioned away by the banks, based on non-performing mortgage loan agreements, is just the tip of the iceberg.

Last week, we had the opportunity to speak to St. Francis Xavier Credit Union Assistant General Manager, Michael Riveroll Sr, who told us his institution is doing its best to aid those in need.

Screen_Shot_2017-10-16_at_8.14.19_PMMichael Riverol - Assistant General Manager

“Oh, yes that is every day as they go for an interview, for a loan, or for an extension or restructure that’s the first issue that…things are different, things are getting hard, things are difficult so yes we listen to them and we do some sort of counselling to our members as well.”

Michael Riverol - Assistant General Manager

“We always way that save, save for a rainy day and I guess that in times like this it is really a rainy day so lot of members that have their savings and have been working with us, yes times like this that are very difficult; people losing their employment, natural disasters we still find a way to accommodate them and help our members we don’t ever close our doors.”

And in a correction to a report we ran last week on the St. Francis Xavier Credit Union quiz contest, the 1st place winner’s name is Emily Charley and not Emily Chable as we reported.

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