And on Friday, the same PUP office was the venue for a graduation ceremony held for participants in a nail design and cake decorating training organised by Dilan Cassanova with support of the PUP Town Council team. According to Cassanova, while the participation was modest, it has given the group of trainees an opportunity to venture into their own business.

Screen_Shot_2017-10-30_at_8.08.42_PMDylan Cassanova – Aspiring PUP Candidate

“It was acrylic nail design training and cake decorating so it was two courses we are offering, we had five girls graduating yesterday, basically the course was in the afternoons when they had a free time like from in the afternoon to four or five, the girls went through different stages of the course, basically they learnt to do encapsulado, 3d’s and normal acrylic nails; on different days they had to bring in a model and based on that the models would grade them and the teacher would also give them a grade, the girls have already venture into a new world, I’ll put it that way, they have been trained to start their own little business like for example doing nails and for example Mrs. Eva Casanova she already has customers coming in from middle of the course and the other girls also but Mrs. Eva has been the older one in the team, basically I would like to thank the team, team Rigo for being the major sponsor behind this, a special thanks to Mr. Herman Mendez for giving his two months and giving his all to these girls and a special thank you to all the girls that came out and to learn a new trade now.”

Cassanova shared that plans are already underway to organise a make-up training session in December.

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