Screen_Shot_2017-11-07_at_7.48.42_PMFuneral services were held last night in San Narciso Village for 38 year old Israel Novelo, whose lifeless body was found floating along the banks of the Rio Hondo yesterday afternoon.

Novelo and another male person, 45 year old Teodoro Pena of Louisville Village, had gone to the Sapote Area of the Rio Hondo River, reportedly to fish, when the canoe they were on capsized. Pena reported to the Police that he was able to swim to the bank but Novelo did not resurface.

Novelo’s family were not informed about the tragic incident until Sunday, and they quickly moved to organise search groups to comb the river area. The family also got some support from members of the coast guard, but they came without vessels.

On Monday afternoon, a search group found Novelo’s body floating in an area some 16 miles from San Victor Village, and about a mile from the area they had entered with the canoe.

A post mortem conducted on Novelo’s body determined that he died of asphyxia from inhalation of muddy liquid content. This, indicated the pathologist, was consistent with drowning.

Novelo was known in the community as a jack of all trades, because of his knowledge of electrical work, masonry and carpentry.

Novelo is survived by his common-law wife Clarita Patt and his three children.

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