Screen_Shot_2018-01-18_at_7.45.45_PMThere is still no resolution tonight to the deadlock between over a dozen truckers that belong to the Northern Cement Truckers Association and who transport Maya cement loads through the border and the Mexican company CEMEX who hires them.

The truckers are against having to travel into Chetumal to collect their load because they are concerned that without any insurance to protect them, the risk of accidents are even of greater concern.

But the company CEMEX, after over a year of appeasing the truckers by hiring Mexican drivers and Mexico-registered trucks to move the cement loads to the Customs cargo section, have changed plans and want the Belizeans truckers to resume going into Chetumal. When the company realised that the Association’s truckers were not willing, they decided to hire freelance truckers to do the job.

That led to this week’s standoff with the truckers refusing to do any hauling, and even blocking one of the trucks from entering the cargo area.

Cooler heads prevailed however, and the truckers have now decided to seek legal advice on what they can do next.

The situation can have an adverse effect on the construction industry, since Maya cement is a high-demand product.

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