Screen_Shot_2018-01-23_at_7.48.13_PMJahmar Ferguson, the seven year old student and resident of Trial Farm Village, who was struck on the head with a blunt object three weeks ago on Monday January 1st, is still recuperating from his injury at a steady pace. As we have been reporting over the past weeks, due to the severity of Jahmar’s head injury, specialists recommended that he conduct an MRI scan as soon as possible to establish whether he suffers from any internal damage that might possibly result in long-term conditions.

The cost of an MRI is over $1,800 and in order to cover part of that expense, on Friday a ‘Zumbathon’ was held at the Trial Farm Government School campus. Today we contacted the mother of Ferguson, Patricia Hendricks, to find out how the fundraiser turned out. According to her, it was a success and Jahmar managed to receive the MRI yesterday. However, the family is awaiting those results which are expected to be obtained throughout the course of tomorrow Wednesday January 24th.

We will provide you with an update of those results in tomorrow’s newscast.

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